"Megan was an integral part of our team during the birth of our daugther. We met several times in advance and she got to know us and our birth preferences. She was very considerate and also offered suggestions based on her experiences. She was very supportive and encouraging. While I was in labor, she came to our house at 2:00 am and stayed with us through the night, applying counter pressure during surges, and even walking up and down our driveway under the stars at 4:00 am. At the hospital, she was right there helping with labor positions and making sure we were in synch. Megan is very strong and very calming. She knew how to be there in the moment and help us at the right times. We were at ease knowing that she was there with us. She was supportive of both of us as a team unit. Because of Megan's support, I was able to have a natural, unmedicated birth using the hypnobirthing techniques, and we have a beautiful daughter who is healthy. Megan is an outstanding doula and a wonderful person." J.B. 


"Megan has continued to be a wonderful support to me and my husband as we experienced pregnancy and the birth of our first child. She maintained positive communication and offered helpful advice to all my questions. She was such a calming and reassuring presence wether we were texting, emailing or talking in person. During birth she was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process and supporting us at every step. My husband and I both were so happy that she was part of the birthing experience of our son - it was an incredible journey!" - B.B.


"Megan was a wonderful support during pregnancy and childbirth. She is a calm, warm, and supportive presence!" V.L.


"I will preface this testimonial with that Megan is awesome. I wish that I had thought about a doula for my first child. She was a great advocate between what the doctors were saying and the options that I actually had. There are also things that you just need to talk about with another woman and not your husband. Megan has great intuition to know what you need and don’t need and is quick to respond to make your experience as great as possible. She is also very reliable and makes sure to follow up post-partum to ensure that not only you but that your entire family is transitioning well."


Jackie S.